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10 activities with English learning that will entertain children (3-6 years old) on trips and holidays. You can even pack them in one big envelope! 

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Are you flying with children and wondering how to keep them busy for a long time?

You are aware you cannot pack half of the toy store on the plane? Are you wondering how to pack much entertainment in a little backpack?

Do you want the activities to be meaningful and teach the child something? Maybe ENGLISH?


Stickers are great and work every time, but you need variability that will keep the child entertained?

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I have created 40 pages full of fun activities for children who are about to go on holiday adventure. Mom can play with the child and teach him English, or the kid can play alone and enjoy his own creative world. Just print activities, cut them, and pack them.

What can you look forward to?

  • puzzles

  • paper building blocks

  • you can play the doctor, restaurant or a shop

  • and more.

Pricing Travel English Activities

Best Value

EN Travel English Activities

470 Kč


10 activities to entertain children on the go and vacation. You can teach them English or let them dive into their own creative world.

Platí do zrušení

Approximately 19 EUR

10 themed activities with vocabulary in English

Requires little space in the backpack.

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